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I loveee musicals. But just one woman is the biggest/ lovelyest/ beautifulest/ best star ever! Pia Douwes is my favorite star en that's why I upload/reblog/like posts over Pia! :)

Most not rehearsed, failer performance ever! But it’s funny as well!! Uwe Kröger and Pia Douwes. Der Letzte Tanz.

De Koningin & Pia Douwes »

Look at 00:16:47 for the piece with Pia.

Okay, this is just a kind of funny :)


What would be my PERFECT birthday present?
A ticket for going to Fürth and a ticket for going to the CD-release of Next To Normal!! And seeing Pia and Sabrina and OMG! And then the whole fucking day walking with a birthday hat on :D If that is possible to do that. Yeah… that would be awesome! 

Claire and Pia 

OOPS!! That photo was for another tumblr i’ve. Sorry that you’ve seen my awkward face :} I’m feeling fail!

Heey, there we got Henk on tv. Flikken Maastricht :)